The Basic Facts About Growing Bonsai Trees From Seed

Growing Bonsai trees from seed is something that takes time and it is not something for impatient people - that's for certain! On the other hand, growing Bonsai trees from seed is an inexpensive way to start your own specimens, allowing you to give "birth" to the saplings you prune, shape and grow, for many decades. It is possible to find Bonsai growing kits, which include quicker growing species of tree seeds, along with the appropriate planter, ideal germinating soil and Bonsai growing instructions.

One thing to keep in mind about growing Bonsai trees from seeds is that it can take three years for your tree to get a trunk that is wide enough to shape. It is best done with trees grown in your region and germination can be done in your own backyard through the natural process. If you choose to germinate seeds indoors, you need to use the same temperature and moisture patterns that nature provides.

Seeds that fall in the autumn start growing in the spring, in order to have a longer growing season. This process can be replicated with putting a moist towel in a plastic bag, placing it in the warmth of a sunny windowsill for a couple of weeks, and then, placing it in the cool of the refrigerator. This helps to acclimate the seedlings. Once they have put on the first protective set of leaves, they can be transplanted. Some people prefer to let nature take their seeds through the initial germination process, transplanting them once they become hardy enough.

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Another of the basic facts about growing Bonsai trees from seed may include planting many seeds, to end up with the strongest and most viable seedlings. Ironically, certain species that are the best candidates for Bonsai seedlings could also be some of the slowest growing trees, such as the Chinese Elm for example. Japanese Pagoda seeds are a little quicker growing, but they can be ideal choices for growing Bonsai trees from seeds, because they have small leaves and traditional appeal.

Tamarind trees grow quickly and they will be fairly large, even after a couple of months. Bonsai techniques must be used early and regularly, since they can become large trees, in a shorter amount of time. Growing Bonsai trees from seeds will be easier, if you sow a number of different seeds, since there will be an obvious difference between healthy and weaker seedlings.